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Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy (OMT) includes exercises for the mouth and facial muscles as well as behavioral modifications. Through repetition and time, the brain can develop new neural pathways to the oral facial muscles and re-pattern them to improve tone, mobility and overall function.   

In most cases, OMT involves meeting with a therapist for an initial assessment followed by a series of therapy sessions over the course of about 6-12 months. Each session introduces new behavior modifications and series of exercises based on individual needs to practice at home, which take about 5 minutes and are recommended

2-3x/day for maximizing treatment success.

People of any age can benefit from myofunctional therapy, and each session can take place either in person or via online video conferencing.

Explore the Signs & Symptoms tab and see if myofunctional therapy could be right for you.

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